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Ecke Ranch is pleased to announce that we have entered into an option to sell our encinitas, california property to locally-based leichtag Foundation.

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Ecke Ranch raises capital to grow!

April 6, 2012, Encinitas, CA

Ecke Ranch is pleased to announce that we have entered into an option to sell our Encinitas, California property to locally-based Leichtag Foundation. The sale will not impact our current business model or our operations in the short-term, but will be part of our expansion plans for the future.

The Encinitas, California property, just one of many that we operate throughout the world, is dedicated to product research and development.  As our business model has changed, we now utilize only a fraction of the land and would be far more efficient on a smaller footprint.

Upon close, the sale will create additional capital to fund growth and innovation plans that have been in development for the last few years. We will have three years for an orderly transition of operations to one of our other properties or to a new location. Our customer service and attention to quality will not waver.

We couldn’t have found a better buyer for this unique and beautiful property. The Leichtag Foundation is a nonprofit philanthropic organization.  They will use the Encinitas land to realize a long term vision of Community Use which could include; urban farming, service learning, educational and cultural programs.

This is a great business opportunity for Ecke Ranch and a positive benefit for the community. It is a true win win and we couldn’t be happier. This will honor the history of the Encinitas property and its role in the evolution of our business, and we are excited to begin the next era of our growth and innovation. We are looking forward to even more success for Ecke Ranch, for our customers, and our business partners.

For more information about the option to purchase the Encinitas, California property, please contact Jim Farley, at the Leichtag Foundation.

CherylAnn Crysler, Ecke Ranch

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James Farley, Leichtag Foundation

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