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Ecke Ranch Joins Agribio

August 15, 2012,



Paul Ecke III is pleased to announce that the Ecke Ranch is joining the Dutch based Agribio Group. The addition of Ecke Ranch will provide Agribio Group a solid platform to enhance innovation as well as grower and retail solutions across a broad array of products, customers and markets.


Paul Ecke III states “I have been looking for the right opportunity to elevate Ecke Ranch to a new level of excellence.  Our combined companies will enhance the strong brand name, high standards for quality, reliability, and excellence in poinsettia as well as geranium breeding.  Our customers are changing rapidly – as a primary breeder and supplier our role is ever-expanding.  We need a strong partner to support our continuing innovation and provide our customers more options.  Agribio Group is the ideal fit to partner with as we look to the future.” The transaction is expected to close by mid-September, 2012.


Harry Kloppenburg, CEO of Agribio Group said “I am thrilled that Agribio Group becomes a top 3 player in the North American vegetative market. We are proud to support the Ecke brand name and prominence in the industry.  Ecke Ranch, together with Fides Oro, makes the right platform to form a positive and lasting impact on our industry. We look forward to the success of our new venture and the solutions it will bring to our customers and market.”


Andy Higgins, President of Ecke Ranch, notes “With this acquisition, Ecke Ranch is well positioned to address the needs of the supply chain. Our team remains committed to poinsettia breeding and our customers.  Agribio Group will be a catalyst to further our efforts, which will be recognized by our customers through enhanced breeding, innovative supply chain solutions, and more focused retail programs.”


For almost 100 years, Ecke Ranch has led the horticulture industry in the breeding and distribution of poinsettias. The company intends to continue this leadership position and further leverage its extensive gene pool, focusing on value creation for the entire supply chain.


For the 2012-2013 sales season, sales and marketing programs will remain as published.  Ecke Ranch will continue with a ‘business as usual’ approach to support brokers and customers following the closing.  Ecke Ranch’s large technical support network will continue providing excellent after sales support to foster customer success.


Ecke Ranch:

The Ecke Ranch is a leading breeder and producer of vegetative products providing integrity, innovation and grower solutions for almost 100 years.


Ecke Ranch is a worldwide leader in the breeding and development of flowering plants and is one of the top 5 growers in the US, based on greenhouse area managed by the company.  Core to the company’s success is its focus and dedication to retailers, as well as the growers who serve them.  With facilities in The United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Denmark and Spain, Ecke Ranch employs or contracts more than 1,000 staff dedicated to research and development, production, marketing and sales. Ecke Ranch also licenses and distributes product from more than 30 other plant partner breeders.


Agribio Group / Fides Oro: /


Agribio Group is a group of breeding and propagation companies and trades over one billion cuttings per year. The company is a global player in terms of vegetative breeding and propagation of plants and flowers, offering their customers a wide range of products and varieties with superior quality in cuttings and services. Agribio Group includes top breeding companies such as Fides, Japan Agribio, Spanish based Barberet & Blanc, Bartels Stek and Lex+  both of the Netherlands.


Fides Oro is a breeding and propagation company, offering a wide range of products: Pelargonium, Dahlia, Osteospermum, Impatiens NG®, Multiflora, Petunia, Nemesia, Calibrachoa, Kalanchoe, decorative Kalanchoë (Calandiva®), Alstroemeria, Carnation, Lobelia, Scaevola and Bacopa. Production takes place in Guatemala, which is known for  providing cuttings with reliably high quality.


For more information about Ecke Ranch, please contact:

Andy Higgins, President of Ecke Ranch,



For more information about Agribio Group and Fides Oro, please contact:

Harry Kloppenburg, CEO Agribio Group,

+31 (0)174 53 01 00






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