New Guinea Impatiens – Troubleshooting a Blooming Crop

New Guinea Impatiens – Troubleshooting a Blooming Crop

Although the production of blooming New Guinea Impatiens is not difficult, growers may experience problems during the course of the crop. The information below helps identify particular issues that growers may encounter at various stages of production.


1. PROBLEM: Rooted cuttings fail to develop new roots and appear stunted after several weeks.

: Look for signs of damage on root systems from Pythium or other fungal pathogens.
Insects: Look for fungus gnat larvae that attack young root systems and can vector diseases.
:   (1) Excess moisture in soil (2) High soluble salts or (3) Low temperatures.

2.  PROBLEM: Mature plants fail to develop flowers.

:  (1) Low light and high temperatures may result in poor flowering. (2) Over-fertilization with mixtures high in ammonium nitrogen will result in soft, lush plants that do not flower as readily. (3) Determine if Florel® was used on cuttings, resulting in a lack of flower buds for up to 6 weeks after the application (response by cultivar may vary).

3. PROBLEM: Leaves turn yellow, tips curl and leaf drop results

: Check root systems for damage from disease that may also result in upper plant problems.
Insects: Inspect for signs of webbing and pests like spider mites on plants.
Cultural :  ( 1) Excessive drying of growing media results in symptoms described. (2) Evaluate fertilization program for inadequate supply or injector failure (3) Check for excessive light intensities and/or temperatures. Cultural problems that occur on New Guinea impatiens may be avoided simply by providing basic crop needs. Purchase quality cuttings from reliable suppliers and manage the fertilization programs and temperatures for optimum growth. Whenever crop problems are noticed, timely reaction and consultation with your extension agent or supplier technical support can assist in determining the nature of the problem and appropriate steps to correct the situation.

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