Pillar Geraniums

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Pillar Geraniums

Series Overview:
Pillar geraniums are unique to the geranium world. Their vigorous yet branching growth makes them ideal for large containers. Support, such as a tomato cage, trellis, or other method is necessary to contain the growth in a columnar manner. This plant was designed for patio use; however a large container of Pillar geranium, partially plunged into a flower bed, would make a striking addition to any landscaped area.

Product Forms:

  • Unrooted Cuttings
  • Rooted Plant Packs

Begin with clean cuttings. Pillar geranium cuttings from Oglevee Geraniums, LLC  are CVI® clean stock material. To ensure their full potential, plants should be grown in a sanitized environment, away from non-CVI® plant material.

Plant in a well drained professional potting mix. pH of 5.8 – 6.3 is ideal.

Plant 4 plants per 12″ pot or 5 plants per 14″ pot to create high quality finished product. Follow Oglevee irrigation guidelines to ensure proper root development. In high light/temperature conditions, the plants will benefit from frequent syringes of water to reduce stress while they become established.

Pillar geranium is an aggressive grower and responds well to a balanced fertilization program. Consider using 15-5-15, or 21-5-20 at 250ppm constant feed once plants are established.

Pinching and Timing:
One pinch should be done 2 to 3 weeks after planting. Subsequent pinches should be unnecessary. Once new shoots become long enough to support, twist tie (loosely) to the cage or trellis. One tie per foot of height is sufficient. A 36″ tall plant can be grown in 12 to 16 weeks depending on the time of year. A good rule of thumb is 8″ per month during the winter and 12″ per month spring and summer.

Insects and Diseases:
Pillar geranium are relatively insect and disease free. Monitor for Thrip, Whitefly and Aphid and spray with any geranium labeled products. We have found no particular phyto-toxicity problems with this plant. Use good sanitation practices to reduce Botrytis infection possibilities.

Note: The single-flowered nature of Pillar geranium encourages petal drop when using smoke fumigants during flowering.

One Gallon Trellis Pillar Geranium Production Tips

Introduction: Combining the unique PAC Pillar Geraniums with the Dillen 1 gallon trellis pot, growers can provide a unique, premium product with very little extra effort.  The recipe is simple:  1plant + 1 pot + 10 weeks = success.

Container: 1 gallon Dillen trellis pot.

Media: Select a well drained peat based media.  Adjust pH to 6.0 to 6.5.  Initial EC readings should be maintained in the range of 0.50 mmhos.

Transplanting: Transplant rooted cuttings into the selected substrate.  The plug that the cutting was propagated in, should be placed at least ½” below the initial soil line.  This will ensure that the finished plant maintains it stability during transport and the selling cycle.  At the time of planting the plugs should be irrigated at least two (2) separate times one hour apart to reduce any possible excess salt accumulation and ensure a good contact between the plug and the substrate.

Fertility: Pillar geraniums should be fertilized at the rate of 250 to 350 ppmN at every irrigation once the roots reach the outside of the 1 gallon container.  EC levels should be maintained between 1.5 to 2.0 mmho.  Substrate pH should be maintained in the range of 6.0 to 6.5.

Pinching: The apical growing point and the first two (2) nodes below the growing point should be removed when the plant reaches a height of 6” to 7”, at this time the plant should be tied to the trellis.

Spacing: Plants should be spaced 2 to 3 pots per square foot.

Growth regulators: Plant growth regulators are not necessary for the production of a high quality product.

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