Ecke Ranch provides the best poinsettia genetics, technical support and consumer insight in the industry!

Ecke Ranch, like the poinsettias we grow, has become in many ways part of the American tradition. Now in its third generation, the ranch focuses on maintaining the long-term customer relations forged by Paul Ecke Sr. From finding new ways to reduce growers risk to adopting new business solutions, the Paul Ecke Ranch commitment goes well beyond its advanced poinsettia genetics. Increasing production capacity to meet grower demand, our regionally based technical support staff, and our 24/7 support from our website are all a part of how this traditional company is growing solutions for today.





NEED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR POINSETTIA? Find technical documents to help produce a high-quality crop of  Ecke poinsettias. In addition to individual cultivar Fastfacts documents, you  have access to our Ecke Ranch Tech Help Bulletin Board.






SAVE ENERGY WITH COLD GROW POINSETTIAS! Get optimum results with Ecke’s Exclusive Poinsettia Bract Meter™. Click here for more information.






2013 Poinsettia catalog! Click HERE to print or review our Interactive Digital Poinsettia Catalog!.




ON TARGET™ – POINSETTIA HEIGHT TRACKING PROGRAM. Access our NEW OnTarget™ system at OnTarget.DummenOrange.com. Use our program to help make timely crop production decisions and manage delivery of quality poinsettias. On Target™ is a web-based tracking program to help growers track crop height and assist them in making decisions about use of plant growth regulators that influence plant height and flower maturity. Sign-up today!.






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