Enduring™ Family – Tips and Basic Culture

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Product Description:

  • Colors available – Red, White, Pink, and Marble.
  • Medium green leaves.
  • 8-8.5 week response time.  Flower initiation approximately September 15th for November 20th timing.
  • Compact habit
  • Upright branching

Key Selling Points:

  • Can be grown in a variety of container sizes from 4” to 10” containers and trees.
  • Ideal for single stem production.
  • Can be grown successfully without PGR’s.
  • Series is uniform in terms of timing and habit, great for combination containers.

Tips for Success:

  • Natural compact habit reduces the need for PGR’s.   Enduring responds to DIF treatments for height control.
  • In larger container sizes consider adding 1 week to the production schedule to allow plants to size.
  • Enduring has a fine root system, allow plants to dry evenly to discourage root rotting.
  • Monitor EC closely, a high EC will also promote root rotting.
  • Enduring will benefit from weekly calcium chloride applications starting at the sign of first color for the prevention of bract edge burn.
  • Upper leaves turn yellow and appear chlorotic at the sign of first color.  Do not apply additional fertilizer as this may cause root damage.
  • Because of Enduring’s compact habit and fine root system it should not be grown cool.



Special Concerns:

  • Enduring should not be grown cool.
  • Yellowing at the sign of first color is a characteristic of the variety.

Suggested Product Forms:

  • 2.5” Mini
  • 4” Pixie Pinched
  • 5-5”
  • 6-6.5” Pinched
  • 8” Multi Pinched
  • 10” Multi
  • Mini Tree
  • Tree
  • Hanging Basket
  • Single Stem or Non- Pinch
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