Ice and Sparkling Punch™ – Tips and Basic Culture

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Product Description:

  • Striking red bracts with white centers
  • Dark green leaves
  • 8 week response time. Flower initiation approximately September 15th for November 15th timing. 
  • Medium vigor

Key Selling Points:

  • Outstanding consumer recognition.
  • Top performance at many trials and open houses.
  • Ideal for early season sales.
  • Ideal for miniature forms.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of container sizes.
  • Ice Punch and Sparkling Punch have smaller bracts and leaves but vigor should not be underestimated.  Early growth regulating with promote stronger stems and reduce stretch.
  • Avoid late growth regulating as bracts are forming which will reduce bract size.
  • Avoid growing cold which will also reduce bract size.
  • Contrast on the bracts is best when the bract is completely expanded.
  • Color contrast of the bracts will begin to show later than expected.  To verify that the variety is in fact Ice Punch or Sparkling Punch observe the underside of the bract where the white will be more apparent before the bract is mature.
  • The Florel® “sandwich” technique will enhance uniformity of branch position.  Apply 250-500 ppm 5 days before and 5 days after pinch.
  • A soft pinch and leaf removal at pinch is beneficial and will maximize light penetration to the new shoots and stem.
  • High heat and low relative humidity during the vegetative growth phase may result in leaf deformities.  Manage environment carefully to reduce stress.
  • Rings or supports are beneficial with this variety.


Special Concerns:

  • Ice Punch and Sparkling Punch are sensitive to drying or rapid changes in light and temperature conditions, which may result in minor leaf curl, leaf burn and/or lower branch wilting.
  • Maintain even soil moisture levels and avoid high soluble salts.
  • Bracts are susceptible to sunburn if exposed to high light intensities at finish. Provide shade to prevent damage to mature bracts.
  • Exotherm Termil® may bleach the color on expanded bracts. Discontinue use of this product during bract formation.

Suggested Product Forms:

  • 2.5” Mini
  • 2.5-3” Mini Pinched
  • 4” Pixie Pinched
  • 5-5.5”
  • 6-6.5” Pinched
  • 8” Multi Pinched
  • 10” Multi Pinched
  • Mini Trees
  • Trees
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Single Stem or Non-Pinch

Cultural Support:

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Ecke Ranch Technical Support

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