Orange Spice™ – Tips and Basic Culture

Orange Spice™ – Tips and Basic Culture


Product Description:

  • Deep orange bracts and dark green leaves
  • 9 week response time.  Flower initiation approximately September 25th for December 5th timing.  
  • Compact plant habit
  • V-shaped architecture


Key Selling Points:

  • Rich true orange bracts and narrow lancelet shape provide increased interest to consumers at retail.
  • Only true orange poinsettia on the market.
  • Compact habit reduces needs for PGRs and allows Orange Spice to be grown at high density.
  • Great for smaller product forms and trees. 
  • Outstanding post harvest qualities.
  • Potential for Halloween and Thanksgiving sales as a novelty color when forced under blackcloth.

Tips for Success:

  • Orange Spice should be soft pinched with leaf removal for optimal branching.  The use of Florel® is not necessary and may provide too much growth regulating.
  • Do not keep plants pot tight for too long after pinching as tight spacing is not needed to form upright branch position.
  • Due to the compact nature of this plant growth regulating will probably not be necessary, however if height control is necessary Orange Spice will respond to traditional growth regulators regimes or a negative DIF.
  • The start of short days for a Halloween finish is week 34.   This is the last week of August so in most areas of the country it will still be very warm in the greenhouse.  Pulling the black cloth will further contribute to warmer night time temperatures which could lead to issues with delay and faded bracts at finish.  Many growers pull the cloth at the end of the work day when temperatures are at their warmest in the greenhouse.  The cloth will trap the heat and the plants will not benefit from the natural cooling of the greenhouse at night.  Consider pulling the black cloth at 4 or 5 am when the greenhouse is cool.  Leave the cloth on until 9 am while still meeting the required period of darkness for flower initiation.
  • For an early Halloween finish shading for light reduction in the finishing environment will be required.  For a Christmas season finish date, in southern regions shading may be necessary also.


Special Concerns:

  • The bracts of Orange Spice are bright orange.  If the light levels and temperatures of the finishing environment are high, it may fade the bracts to a more pink color.  In southern areas of the country or areas with higher light levels and warmer temperatures, shading and temperature control is recommended to maintain the bright orange color.
  • Not recommended for cold growing.
  • Do not use Exotherm Termil® on any bracts. It bleaches the bract color.


Sample Schedule for Halloween finish:

The following schedule is based on growing conditions in a central location in a 6.5” container using rooted cuttings:

  • Plant -  Week 29
  • Pinch -  Week 31
  • Begin start of short days – Week 34
  • Finish – Week 43

* Beginning with unrooted cuttings will require 4 extra weeks in production to allow for time in propagation

* Adjust schedules accordingly based on individual growing conditions or for production in different container sizes.

Suggested Product Forms:

  • 2.5” Mini
  • 2.5-3” Mini Pinched
  • 4” Pixie
  • 5-5”
  • 6-6.5” Pinched
  • Mini Tree
  • Tree
  • Hanging Basket
  • Singe Stem or Non-Pinched

Cultural Support:

Rebecca Siemonsma

Ecke Ranch Technical Support

(P) 760-944-4060

(F) 605-292-0238

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