Polar Bear – Tips and Basic Culture

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  • Bright white bracts and dark green leaves
  • 8 week response time.  Flower initiation approximately September 15th for November 15th timing.  
  • Medium vigor plant habit
  • V-shaped architecture
Key Selling Points:
  • Bright white bracts position above transitional bracts showing green venation creating a nice visual contrast.
  • Large cyathia are resistant to premature cyathia drop.
  • V-shaped architecture reduces stem breakage.
  • Great for a variety of product forms. 
  • Outstanding post harvest qualities.
  • Resistant to bract edge burn.
Tips for Success:
  • Polar Bear may not be suitable for cold grow programs.  Greening or browning of the bracts may occur with cold temperatures.  Excessive delay in development of the bracts or a reduction in bract size may also be a concern. 
  • Trial Polar Bear in cold grow programs on a small scale before growing your entire Polar Bear crop cold. 
Suggested Product Forms:
  • 2.5” Mini
  • 4” Pixie Pinched
  • 5-5”
  • 6-6.5” Pinched
  • 8” Multi Pinched
  • 10” Multi Pinched
  • Mini Tree
  • Hanging Basket
  • Singe Stem or Non-Pinched

Cultural Support:
Rebecca Siemonsma
Ecke Ranch Technical Support
(P) 760-944-4060
(F) 605-397-3009
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